Welcome to the madhouse!

Hi, I’m Malcolm and I stop drinking in September 2016.

You want to know why don’t you? Well I realised I didn’t enjoy being drunk and I certainly didn’t enjoy the 3 day hangovers you start getting when you hit 40, so I stopped.

This site, NonAlcMalc is the online home of my passion for Food & Non-alcoholic Drink, Cosplay, Gaming and Random Crazy Thoughts.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you want to comment or even buy something from one of my many affiliate links, then go ahead and make my day.


Food & Drink

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I do DESSERT. I love Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Greek and I love home cooked English classics. Cheesecake is my number one vice and I appreciate a good steak (I worked in an abattoir for 2 years).

I have recently started exploring the world of non-alcoholic alternatives, mainly as I am sick of drinking pop, juice and water. A large part of this site will be around reviewing available options as I discover them.

Cosplay & Making

In a past life I was a mechanical engineer and since retraining I have been left with an itch that needs to be scratched by doing hands-on stuff. Originally I used Lego to scratch the itch but Lego is expensive so I stopped at around the £15,000 mark.

Now I have discovered Cosplay and I love making costumes for me, my family and other people.

I have even one a few competition throughout the UK for my work.

I R NERD11!!!1

I have always been a gamer. My fondest experiences of my youth were sitting with my Grandfather programming the BBC Model B so the herioc Os could defeat the evil Xs by firing minus signs up the screen at them.

Gaming is still a big part of my life and my family. Whether it is Xbox (One, OneX and OneS), Nvidia Shield, Switch, 2DS or PC MASTER RACE a good story driven game can hold me for hours (who am I kidding, months).

Random Rants & Stuff

My head is always buzzing. Most of the time it is random crap going on like the Coco Pops theme or quotes from Predator, but every now and then I think of something worth sharing or something worth sharing randomly happens.

So be warned, HERE BE MONSTERS!

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