Hi and welcome to Non Alcholic Malcolm, my new website that incorporates everything that I do outside of work, namely Cosplay, Food and Drink Reviews, Gaming and lots of Randomness.

I am Malcolm and I have dabbled in a lot during my not-so-short life, below is a brief overview to get you up to speed:

  • I was a mechanical engineer for 8 years
  • I worked in an abattoir for 2 years
  • I studied BSc Computing at The University of Leeds and got a 2:1
  • I was a teacher for about 8 weeks
  • I started working in digital marketing in 2005 and that is what I currently do
  • I have a beautiful wife, a son, a dog and 2 guinea pigs
  • I aim to be a good honest person and I am I big believer in karma
  • I like doing things for charity, the weirder the better
  • I like music that I can sing along to and constantly have a song in my head or the theme to Jurassic Park
  • My favourite movies are Terminator 2, Aliens and Happy Texas
  • Meet Joe Black makes me cry as does that scene in Stargate where Daniel Jackson ascends
  • In my younger years I studied Kung Fu, Karate (3 different styles) and Kickboxing
  • I have the visual design skills of a gooseberry!

Please don’t take anything I say on this site too seriously. I am not a doctor or lawyer. I just like having fun and solving problems. Enjoy.