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    The Best Brownies In The World – The Yummy Yank

    Now that lockdown has eased a bit, we – the fambo – like to go out for Sunday brunch with our friends The Hodgsons and anyone else who would like to join. On one such occasion – a fortnight ago – I had the privilege of meeting Lisa – aka The Yummy Yank – and her husband Ian, and we started talking about one of my all time favourite subjects, cakes. The Yummy Yank brings authentic American desserts to the UK, baking such classics as rich chocolate brownies, our own All American Bars, luscious carrot cake and our amazing cake/cheesecake combinations that tower above the rest. I stole this from…

  • Food & Drink

    Why don’t you drink?

    When I chose to stop drinking in 2016 I took the stance that I was doing this for me. I wasn’t doing it as a gimmick like Dry January, I wasn’t doing it because I turn in to an ogre when I drink and I wasn’t doing it to save money – spoiler, you don’t. I was and remain comfortable with being around drunk people and complete get why people drink. I don’t go out of my way to push the benefits of not drinking on people and – due to being a tad introverted – not drinking hasn’t really changed my social life. For me it was all about…