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Faye is trying to kill me – What Faye Baked Brownies

Obviously I should have included “with kindness” or “with brownies” in the title but I am testing click-bait.

Wednesday, March 10th – yes I really am that crap at getting content out – and I am sat at home working. Suddenly there is an rustle and a bang at the back door and the dog – – goes mental. I get up and check, all the while conscious this could be the start of the Zombie Apocalypse.

2nd post has arrived. A weighty parcel for me. What have I ordered? Am I going to get told off for this? To my genuine surprise it is a parcel from a dear ex-colleague and friend Faye.

There were tears!

So after taking some time to compose myself and show my wife how “truly inspirational” I am I explored further

Free brownies, baked with love! Yes bloody please.

At this stage I feel I need to explain a few things. Firstly, I am an honest, constructive critic. Faye knows this and I have tasted Faye’s baking – wedding cake tests etc. – before in the Epiphany / Jaywing offices and provided honest feedback. Secondly, I love da pudding and have zero self control. This probably isn’t great for reviewing brownies as you could argue that eating all 6 back to back might affect my flavour palette. Thirdly, this should probably have been a bullet pointed list.

On to the reviewing

I’m a lover of the classics when it comes to food and haven’t really ever been able to get in to blondies before so I figured I would start with…

The Classic Blondie

We are off to a solid start with this one. The base and top had an excellent crunch while the internals were a nice resistant sponge consistency. The taste was great and I immediately wished I had taken the time to test heating them up with ice-cream.

The Biscoff Blondie

The Biscoff blondie was good but a little dry. I like Biscoff biscuits but have never really enjoyed the taste with anything other than good coffee but I am sure that if you really enjoy Biscoff this would be right up your alley. It just wasn’t for me. Nice but not for me. In fact reflecting back I should have tried this with coffee.

Faye’s Classic Blondie

The Chocolate Orange

OK, now we are in to the good sheeeeeet! CHOCOLATE. This was great. Moist without being silly moist – I am looking at you weird vegan brownie that my wife makes – with a good base and top crumble and a nice balance of chocolate and orange which can go horrendously wrong if not balanced. I know Faye will have trialled all of her recipes numerous times and it shows here.

The Oreo Brownie

Hmm, I think this one was wasted on my to be honest. I am not a big fan of Orea biscuits and a large amount of the brownie was chunks of Orea biscuit. Noah would have liked this one had he not been allergic to dairy and loads of other stuff – remind me to ask Faye if she does diary / gluten etc. free. I wonder if there is a way of almost separating biscuit, middle goo and brownie making the Oreo infusion a bit more random and less obvious.

The Caramel Brownie

A corker. Loved it. I had eaten 4 other brownies at this stage and this one was out the park. I was a nice honest homemade brownie with just enough difference to stand out. Nothing showy, just flavour all the way.

The Motherload – Triple Chocolate


In a rare moment of restraint I actually left this one till the following day having already eaten 5 brownies in a 24 hour period. This is the one I really wish I had paired with heat and some posh vanilla ice-cream. It was genuinely perfection in a brownie. Even just looking at the image now is making my salivate. I want to eat this brownie again! I will eat this brownie again! I just opened in another browser tab to remind me.

Don’t get me wrong I do like variety and completely get the need to have a broad range to cater for all tastes and allow for experimentation. I however will be the weirdo that orders these in bulk in the same way I order from Lisa at The Yummy Yank.

To Conclude…

I feel like a right ponce reading this back lording it over people who have been kind enough to send me free things to eat but I know Faye won’t see it that way. Faye is a genuinely lovely person who has set up What Faye Baked from her own home during lockdown. She has been baking for a long time and it shows in the quality.

I would definitely recommend What Faye Baked for brownies (18 for £15 is crazy value) and if you check out her Facebook you can see she also does bloody spectacular custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and I know she would have a crack at anything if you asked her.

18 brownies for £15, Jesus…. If you do order some having read this review – and you totally should – please let her know Malc sent you. It will mean nothing, no discount etc. but if it means she cuts our next batch of triple chocolates 2mm wider then we are all winners.

Facebook –

Insta –

Email – [email protected] “the one that comes between and”

Can you guess what I am doing once I have pressed publish…….

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