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The Best Brownies In The World – The Yummy Yank

Now that lockdown has eased a bit, we – the fambo – like to go out for Sunday brunch with our friends The Hodgsons and anyone else who would like to join.

On one such occasion – a fortnight ago – I had the privilege of meeting Lisa – aka The Yummy Yank – and her husband Ian, and we started talking about one of my all time favourite subjects, cakes.

The Yummy Yank brings authentic American desserts to the UK, baking such classics as rich chocolate brownies, our own All American Bars, luscious carrot cake and our amazing cake/cheesecake combinations that tower above the rest.

I stole this from the website as it explains it in clean English. But… it doesn’t really do it justice. You see, Lisa is a perfectionist to the point that baking is her true passion. Both she – the visionary baker and creator – and Ian – the muscle, organiser and accountant – are amazing people to talk to and so knowledgeable. The desserts that she creates are nothing short of amazing and anyone who knows me knows I am a harsh critique of baking.

What’s in the box?

I know this because – as anyone who knows me also knows – I am impulsive, so after a 20 minute chat with Lisa I went on the site and purchased a mixed box of 6 brownies. Let’s dig in.

First up, the Dairy & Gluten Free Heaven Sent. This one was selected for my wife, who we recently discovered is both diary and egg intolerant. Now I could use loads of flamboyant vocabulary to describe the particular brownie but I will simply quote my wife.

Diary & Gluten Free Heaven Sent Brownie

If only all dairy free food could be this good. I would be really fat!

F.Slade (2020)

You would honestly not guess this brownie was free of anything. It tasted amazing, the texture as fantastic and it ticked every brownie box. Truth be told I purchased every remaining Dairy & Gluten Free Heaven Sent shortly after as a gift for my wife as food isn’t exactly fun for her at the minute and they freeze for up to 6 months.

The Classic Heaven Sent Brownie

Next up – solely for Noah and I – was the standard Heaven Sent brownie. This is the perfect classic brownie. No offence to the diary free variety but this blows it’s socks off. Perfect texture, perfect density, perfect visual, perfect taste. It warms up beautifully and cuts really well with vanilla ice-cream.

Peanut Butter Brownie

Next up – a slight twist on a classic – the Peanut Butter Brownie. This bad boy has won awards and it is easy to see, smell and taste why. Had I still been hitting the gym hard, this would be the brownie for me. It is the perfect combination of peanut and chocolate on par with the legendary peanut chocolate protein balls you get in the Gymshark staff cafe.

Now things start to get a little crazy. Next up is the All American Bar. This bad boy is basically – from bottom to top – cookie dough, peanut butter cups, Oreo and brownie. I know what you are thinking – mental – but hold some of that back because we are at the foot of the mountain here. I honestly don’t know how you even go about creating something like this in a way that works so well. All the flavours and textures come through and All American Bar just fits it so well.

The All American Brownie

On the homeward stretch now and I feel I must say that Noah and I sampled all of these. Had we have eaten them all that night – which we pondered doing – we might have struggled the following day like when I dropped 20 creme eggs in 20 minutes. That would be bad parenting!

The New Yorker Brownie

So next is the New Yorker. I was expecting coffee for some reason but it is actually a Heaven Sent laced and topped with peanut butter pretzels and hand made caramel. My god! I actually just finished it off today which is a true testament to how much I have changed as I didn’t ram it all in my face as soon as I sampled it. It really is that good!

Right, the last one. Prepare yourselves. Take yourself back to when you first read about how Willy Wonka had created a chewing gum that was a meal. Welcome to The Drunken Pig in The Mud!

The work of a mad woman – The Drunken Pig in The Mud Brownie

Our classic brownie laced with sea salted caramel, soya bacon bits and whiskey. Topped with more of the same plus pecans!

How the hell does someone even come up with something like this. I know, lets add bacon. Hmm needs a bit more whisky. Mental, but my god does it work bloody well. You get this weird salty explosion that cuts so well with the rich chocolate and subtle whisky flavours. Noah and I went through this one like nobodies business. We even licked the fork and plate clean. This – coming from a massive dessert eater – is a sharer. I honestly don’t think the human brain is up for eating a whole one of these in a solo siting.

And that’s 6. 6 of the finest brownies I have ever eaten. No duffers. None were even similar. If I had to pick a favourite I would say the classic Heaven Sent is everything you want from a brownie and super versatile but you have to try the Drunken Pig and the New Yorker and ……

Reading this back, it might come across as sponsored. It isn’t, I met Lisa, we chatted, I ordered – we even live discussed the checkout process – and I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. I currently have 4 more to try later and will probably hit the cheesecakes when able so look out for reviews of this coming soon. They aren’t cheap but they are 100% value for money. A lot of love has gone in to each one and I can’t wait to see what Lisa and Ian come up with next.

Head on over to The Yummy Yank website and treat yourselves. You earn’t it!

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